class Dreams
  public $its = 'love';
  public function Opening($independent, $notMonopoly)
   > > new FW: APP\View('giveLife', $independent); < <
   > > self::sayHi(); < <

  public static function sayHi()
   > > self::whoAreYou(); < <
   > > say 'hi '.self::$its; < <

  private function whoAreYou()
   > > self::$its = $_SESSION['USER']; < <

works for_


Totally safe

You do not have to worry about your safety. The Karmate kernel is built on basic security precautions. It can be installed with the necessary library, composer or Karmate Server on encryption, database protection, script evaluations, open detection and notification systems.


Karmate is contrary to the traditional monopoly system. Each user can create a library for Karmate and save it to Karmate Server. You can also use the library with Composer or Karmate Server or manually.

Flexible and modular

Karmate loves independence and freedom. Your projects can run without being dependent on any library. You can add separate shortcuts to your controller and view files (brand new), you can create projects with language support without any additional setup.

So light

Karmate only comes with kernel libraries. If the library you want to use is first found automatically in Karmate Cloud, it will install effortlessly. If you do not want to use a library made for Karmate, you can download it from the internet and use the namespace scheme. Moreover, you do not need to make any adjustments if you are installing with composer.